Bluehost Reviews

If there were prizes for websites that were most obviously created by content management systems, then this website would take the top prize. The home page website inspires little confidence in the service, which makes their claims of getting 20,000 new customers per month a little suspect. On the other hand, they are one of the few websites to offer live chat on the home page, so you are able to extensively quiz their staff to get the low down on their service.

They have a cheap looking website and a very bad customer service. It is a customer service system that is based on cut-and-paste responses. If you have a problem and it smells a little like a problem another person has had, then expect a cut-and-paste response. Some people are not aware that they are getting cut-and-paste responses, but veterans on our team can spot them a mile off. This is possibly why some people have reviewed their customer service as caring and quick to respond.

Despite the typical website host poor customer service, this hosting service is actually very good. It is very cheap and yet still manages to produce a very high-quality service. They are pretty poor in the customer service department, and when they have a problem they take their sweet time fixing it (problems such as weeks worth of slower server performance), but apart from the occasional problem, it is hard to fault them. Many people may not complain if they did raise their prices a little.