iPage Review

Trusty Website Hosting Reviews ipage.com – review

They have a very clear and easy to understand website interface. It is set up to show you all of their services and the value that they perceive those services to be worth. In its defense, such transparency is uncommon, as many hosting companies have trouble even defining what service they actually provide. So, to have all of the services laid out, and on the home page no less, is quite a good move that this company has made.

Its seemingly biggest negative is that its servers are a little too slow. How much this affects your overall experience has been drastically overestimated by many reviewers, namely because they overestimate a website owner’s use of their hosting services. Added to which, once the web page is complete and uploaded, it is no longer a massive problem. The servers go down no more often than any others, but the email service goes down a little more than it should.

Value for money is quite good, in that you do not pay very much for your use of their slow servers, which possibly explains why they are charging so little. You do get a seemingly reasonable bang for your buck, which means that the buggy systems that come about from their attempts to update the system are almost permissible. Providing a service on the cheap, and giving a cheap service does seem to go hand in hand, which means that if you want to pay the lowest prices for hosting services, then you should not be expecting a premium service.