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This Siteground Review will address all your reservations about hosting your new or existing website with Siteground Hosting. Siteground hosting is one of the best hosting providers in the world. Siteground has a proven track record of reliable and stable web hosting, backed by the industry’s best customer service available. When reading Siteground reviews, you will notice immediately a trend of people absolutely raving about how good the Siteground hosting customer service is, and how they go above and beyond the call of duty to accommodate their clients. It was reading all the Siteground reviews that convinced me to purchase hosting with Siteground.

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Siteground Hosting has been around for over seven years now and have a really long history of experience in web hosting. Currently, Siteground Hosting is home to over 250,000 domains and sites, hosted on over 1100 servers housed in four datacenters world-wide. With such a huge client list, and a very large staff, this tier-1 hosting company offers incredible value and service for the low hosting costs. Siteground uses only premium webservers, the fastest connections and hires only the best staff in the industry. On top of that, Siteground Hosting makes it easy to manage your hosting space through the use of a custom built administration interface, and cPanel hosting control panel.

All About Siteground Hosting Company In India?

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Siteground Hosting is more than just your choice in web hosting, they are a vast knowledge base and asset repository! They offer you help, information and website templates for free!

Free Site Templates (WordPress, Joomla and More!)
Free Tutorials from installing your site to customizing it
Free Site Migration – helping you bring your site from your old hosting company
Much more!
Siteground Reviews and Web Hosting Comparisons

We have gone to great lengths to review siteground hosting, and compare the services to other similar web hosting providers. All of our comparisons are “apples to apples”, meaning they all had to meet the following criteria:

Offer Unlimited Disk Space
Unlimited Bandwidth
Free Domain Name
cPanel hosting control panel
In Independent Tests, Siteground Hosting beat Every Web Hosting Competitor in a Head to Head Challenge!

It’s true. Siteground has the best web hosting reputation and top awards for a reason. They know how to host! From some of the fastest servers to the best internet connections, The Siteground Reviewer was blown away! Most other companies fell short in more than just one area, from telling you that you have to upgrade hosting to get needed features to running out-of-date software on their servers (running PHP 5.2 rather than 5.3 or higher is really common, suprisingly)! One of the major hosts that we compared Siteground to actually was running “PHP Safemode On”, which messes with photo galleries and other common web applications — sometimes to the point where you can’t even install what you need!!!

When Siteground Reviews came rolling in, we found that there were really no legitimate complaints about Siteground Hosting, and that if there was, the staff went out of their way to right the wrong.

Real Siteground Reviews

Looking for real Siteground Reviews is sometimes difficult. Alot of times when you search for reviews, you’ll get fake reviews, people who just say things like “I was blown away about how good they were!” which really doesn’t tell you anything. When I want to read a review, I want something good, something real. This Siteground Review is just that. Yes, I have hosting with Siteground Hosting, and I actually really love it! I have noticed that my site’s uptime is 100% since I got the hosting package, unheard of in the web hosting industry. Most of the other hosting competitors run between 96% and 99% uptime, so 100% is unbelievable!

Siteground Hosting Features

Siteground Hosting offers tons of value for your money!

When Siteground reviews looked into all that Siteground Hosting had to offer, we were surprised at all the features that were offered for just to normal plan users. Siteground packs tons of value into their hosting offers, and the clients love it!

Cpanel hosting control panel.
A 99.9% uptime guarantee per their TOS.
Unlimited storage space and transfer for all your sites.
Free domain name
Free site transfer.
Free site builder software.
Instant account activation with no waiting.
Excellent technical support 24/7 with live chat online.
Excellent reputation and knowledgeable technical team to back you up.
Softculious installer & 150 free web apps to install.
High performance server with redundant firewall, network connection and power backup.
It’s not hard to see why so many people go with Siteground Hosting for their webhosting needs. Siteground provides everything you need for just a small monthly charge, and without all the problems that the other hosts have!

SiteGround Reviews
Free Domain Name
Free Sitebuilding Tools
Unlimited Web Space
Unlimited Traffic
Unlimited Email Accounts
99.9% Uptime Guarantee
24/7 Top Customer Care

Siteground Reviews