How to Make Money from Internet Without Investment

In all likelihood, you have come here searching for “make money online without investing” in search of ways to do it without spending your hard-earned money. There is no problem. 500% is possible without investment. Also possible that you might have been deceived by someone in the past and have become a bit sceptical of websites that push to buy the secrets of online wealth accumulation. Do not blame them; have found their own ways of raking in huge money advantage of the ignorance of beginners-money online. But mind you, not all sellers are bad. There are people in every sphere of Internet marketing that can give real solid strategies and guidelines to enable you to do as a professional.

Although there is no shortage of ways to make money online without investing, here I will share in a very efficient and BS not to make money online with a Blogger blog (I’m not talking about premium WordPress and want a way to investment does not). This article is going to be a little longer than it has lots of words so that you understand what to do. So please lend him your attention, patience and be with me.

Make money Model: Create your own blog, attract people to your blog, run Google ads, click Get, get paid from Google each month. There is no monetary investment required. He was supposed to have a computer connected to the Internet.

Blog, Blogger and AdSense: What are they?

Blog: A blog is a web-property (such as web pages), led by a content management software, where the contents are arranged chronologically and are updated frequently.

Blogger: A blogger is one of the blogs. By the way, Google has Blogger.Com where everyone is allowed to create your own blog.

AdSense advertisers worldwide to pay Google (Adwords) to show their ads on search results pages of the engine and different websites/blogs/forums/portals etc. publishes Google Adsense ads. Website owners or bloggers who are running AdSense ads are paid a respectable fraction of the amount of Google charges advertisers for each click someone clicks on the ads on their website regardless of clickers purchase the product/service or perform any action.

Here is the step by step guide to continue

Learn SEO: I always encourage beginner’s money online to learn SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Without this SEO thing is hard to do without investment. SEO is the most effective way to get people to see what he has to say on his blog using keywords and therefore the ranking of your blog content in the pages of search engine results. Learning SEO is easy. You have to give their time and brains to get it all.

These are the resources that you can learn good and effective SEO for free.

Find a market: As you time to get involved in a particular market over the Internet, you should identify your market. I suggest you read this.

Sometimes it becomes difficult to carry out a theme that is not interested, especially if you cannot hire someone to work for you. Here goes with the theme of interest that you could write something of value, is recommended, but this issue needs to be profitable for AdSense. There is an option to rewrite PLR ?? articles and publish them, but unique items that work best.

Keyword Research: Keyword research is an important step in marketing your business online. The motto of the keyword research is to find some keywords that people search (type in the search box of search engines like Google and hit enter) to find what they seek. Researching keywords requires a tool or two. The best of the free is a tool for AdWords keywords. One of the best of the tool pays Country for keywords. Watch these videos to learn how to use the tool in AdWords keyword for the purpose of keyword research.

Keywords Find profitable AdSense: It is not just CPC or cost per click or volume of a keyword search which makes it profitable for AdSense, many advertisers have to be there and competitors for that keyword has to be defeated (not too strong). Choose keywords that you can write a good and long term. Initially go for long-tail keywords so the classification is made easier.

Analyze your competition: Analyze what your potential competitors (who are already in the classification of the keywords you want to target) are doing, how strong they are and what type of SEO strategy is needed to outrank some musts. If you find that your competitors are too strong to beat (your targeted keyword is strong competition), avoid keywords, because all you have is a blogger blog and you’re the only man responsible for his successful blog, unlike their strong competitors to spend much money on marketing. So you need to find keywords that have low-medium competition long-tail keywords of choice.

Register your domain name (subdomain): Go to Blogger.Com, sign in with your existing Gmail account (get one if you have them), create a blog. Now comes the exit to the availability of domain names and selecting a good domain name. In fact, hosting your blog Blogger.Com frees with your server space and give you a free subdomain. So the subdomain name is going to be like

Give your blog a name: Better include the main keyword in the field blog name and the domain name as well.

Write an effective description: Type a keyword-rich description of your blog goes to the configuration. Enter some keywords LSI also. Save the configuration. Now blogger has two interfaces. Old version and the updated version. Use everything you see fit. There is no problem.

Customize the settings for some: Go to comments, click the radio button for always moderate comments provide your email address. Save the configuration.

Design your right to blog: template designer is there to help you design your blog as you wish. Here are some of the resources

Changing some code: This is an important aspect to make your Blogger blog more search engines.

Write your first post: As you are now familiar with SEO, you know how to write an optimized web copy. In his first post that directly could start writing the theme or you could write an introductory article. Go to the publication.

Add pages as tabs: Creating pages and use them as tokens of blogs. The home page would be there by default. Contact Privacy Policy, About are those pages.
Write messages useful, relevant, more or articles having on-page SEO in mind: Now your blog has a good design and has already published your first post.

But you should not stop here, you have to keep updating your blog from time to time with relevant and useful, attractive and longer articles or information by applying the basic optimization technique on the site that you’ve learned. However, I would like to emphasize the

Write title rich in keywords for your blog post.

Using title tags 

Maintaining keyword density: Number of occurrences of your main keyword per 100 words. 2.5% -5% is fine.

Keyword Insertion of LSI

Try to distribute the main keyword throughout the article, the first end, middle, are the places you want to include your keyword.

Write longer articles and it must be unique. Prevent copying of others as it is very detrimental to the success of your blog. Modern-day search engines simply do not entertain the duplicate content. You can get the idea of ?? other online resources but write in their own way.

Use these free Google products: Almost all internet marketers use these Google products that I have to say. They are absolutely free, very powerful. below is the list of products. Open an account with the same Gmail account you used to register on the blog of all the products listed below.

FeedBurner.Com-Burn an RSS feed of your blog, take note of the details of supply. You can use the update form Feed burner email to your blog so that visitors are updated with the new posts. Add your blog. Check the instructions below. Submit your sitemap. By clicking submit a site map and rss.xml then put in the box after your domain name. Click submit. It’s over.

Google Analytics: Tracking the activity of visitors, where they come from, what keywords they are looking for, how long they stay, what is the percentage of dropouts, source of traffic/visitors are the main things to do. You have to add your blog, Google Analytics to generate a code. Copy this code and paste it into instructions his blog the following html code. Save your changes and click Finish in the analysis. It’s over.

Google Update: You should keep abreast of what is happening online for your main keyword. Go to Google and get updates for your keywords of interest.

Google AdWords: I told you about this tool. Just use the keyword tool to find new keywords new that make good money with AdSense.

Go to off-page optimization: After writing at least 10 quality articles on your blog, you can go for off-site optimization. The first thing to do is, get listed in some of the best blog directories free. Then submit articles in article directories, such as Ezine Articles, Articlebase, iSnare, go articles with one or two links to articles that point to the main page of your blog, or different messages. You can comment on the blogs of other people using your domain name and website URL. You can write guest posts on blogs of others, write HubPages and Guest blogs with links to your blog, write to guest post with links pointing to your blog. Solicit others to join.

Another tip for effective link building is to find competitors portfolio link, a shortlist of good and trying to get them. I guess you have studied a lot about SEO for now and find something like “Anchor Text”, which is also called “link text”. Vary your anchor text, while building links. That means most of the link anchor text should be your main keyword and LSI keywords and links should be established with an irrelevant anchor text like “click here”, “read this”, “go here”, etc. So these are a good way to build links for your blog.

Request AdSense: When your daily unique visitors across 50, you can think of AdSense ads on his blog that will be the primary model to make money for your blog. Apply for AdSense with the details they need. Get approved. Running AdSense ads on your blog. Google itself has great resources about how to deal with ads, where and how should you place with lots of suggestions for optimization. There is a shortage of free resources in this regard.

Optimize your Adsense ads: You must listen to what Google has to say before listening to anyone else. Follow newsletters AdSense Adsense Official Blog.

Go for a custom domain name: This field is optional. However, you will have a professional blogger. You need to spend about $ 10/yr. Go reserve your domain at GoDaddy. Then follow the steps to set up a custom domain to be rid of the blogpost of the domain name. People will have to seriously. And you can have access to more advertisers just to have a custom domain.

Bonus Tip: Do not think about writing about the make-money-online issue, until and unless you do a significant amount of money online.

(Note:  … This is not a click by click guide to starting your trip online You need to read other resources to become more enlightened in this regard, therefore, be open-minded and read what others have to say on a topic similar. I’m just saying the keywords; you must acquire knowledge of that searching on Google. That is very possible for free. Before you start blogging on Blogger, I suggest you check out Blogger because Blogger’s TOS is very sensitive to spam. Blogger does not entertain spammers in any way. But if you do good things in compliance with the conditions of service, do not worry.)

I appreciate the thoughtful questions from over. If at any time you find it difficult to distinguish direct question me through comments or contact. You can share your opinions with confidence. Go with the strategies outlined and make big money online without a great investment.

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