A Beginners Guide To Host A Website

Beginners Guide On How To Host A Website

Learning how to host a website is not so challenging as it seems! The problem is that most beginners don’t know the best way to do it. However, with the right approach, it can be as easy as creating a social media account.

In this beginner’s guide, we see how to host a website in easy steps without having to employ any technical skills.

What is web hosting?

Hosting a website means putting its files at a place where they are always accessible. A special computer holds your files and makes them available on the internet for the public. It uses a special software called web server to let people across the world access the website. The job of the server is to serve incoming requests and respond to them by sending the requested page to the browser of the user.

What do you need to host a website?

To host a website, you require two things

  • Domain name
  • Hosting service provider

A web hosting service provider offers you web servers to host the website. They provide the tools website owners need to manage their hosting and take care of the technical things involved.

A domain name is the address people type in the browser to go to your website. You can register for a domain name with the companies licensed to sell them. most hosting companies would allow you to register a domain name.

Types of Hosting Services

Websites need varying amounts of resources depending on their size and traffic. Hosting providers let you choose from different types of services to meet the specific needs of the website. Some of the most popular types include:

Shared Hosting

Ideal for small businesses, start-ups and blogs, shared hosting helps maintain the budget by allowing a number of sites to share the same resources. This gives you affordable web hosting options.

VPS Hosting

Another shared hosting environment, VPS offers flexible resources to be able to deal with traffic spikes. With this service, you get a portion of the server for your site that you can easily manage from the control panel. You get low cost hosting from sharing and the flexibility of getting dedicated resources. It suits eCommerce stores and medium to large sized businesses.

WordPress Hosting

A dedicated hosting service for WordPress, this hosting takes care of backups, updates and caching for your website. This would let you focus on generating content and expanding the reach. Such a web hosting service is suitable for business sites and blogs.

Dedicated Hosting

This type of service gives you a dedicated server or your website. You get the resources, management tools and the facility to install your software. You manage your server by yourself which suits bigger websites that demand high performance. This service is ideal for eCommerce stores and enterprise level business websites.

We hope this beginner’s guide helps you get an idea of how you can host a website. Follow these steps and you will have a host ready for your website!

How Much Does It Cost To Host A Website?

When you decide to set up a website for your business, you should consider the cost involved in web hosting. Hosting your website is important because it not only improves the performance of the site but adds to the overall cost of building the website.

You might wonder how much it would cost to host the website. In this post, we try to answer this question by taking a look at everything that decides the cost of web hosting.

Web Hosting Costs Explained

The cost of hosting a website can vary anywhere between $2 per month to up to $1000 or even higher. The total spending is based on a number of factors including the size of your website, the number of visitors it gets and any extra services availed.

If you know what type of website you will host, you can find out what type of hosting service you will need and how much it would cost. Here, we discuss the different types of hosting services used largely by website owners.

Shared Hosting

The most affordable hosting option for any new website, shared hosting plans cost $2 to $10 per month. A shared hosting plan can suit your site if it is not too big. The cheapest plan in the given price range is generally basic while the higher end prices suggest plans with additional features included.

Cloud Web Hosting

Cloud hosting services cost anywhere from $5 to $100 per month though large enterprises can pay up to $300 per month or even more. The way this hosting service works means you don’t pay the same amount every month. You pay for what you use and therefore cloud hosting is a great choice for those websites that need flexibility.

WordPress Hosting

The price of WordPress hosting falls in the range of $3-$25 per month. Websites that opt for this type of hosting service spend about $8 every month. A hosting plan designed for a WordPress website can ensure better compatibility and load times.

VPS Hosting

This type of hosting costs $20-$100 per month. The average spending on this hosting plan is about $40 every month. With a VPS hosting, you share the server with other websites but get a piece of it so that your performance is not affected by traffic on other sites.

Dedicated Hosting

Having a dedicated server can cost anywhere from $80 to up to a few thousand dollars per month. A business using dedicated hosting can spend about $150 every month. Getting a dedicated server is a good idea for a popular site or large business that gets a huge daily traffic. As it is expensive, this type of hosting is not meant for everybody but can be used as the website grows.

Other Factors Affecting Web Hosting Costs

Though the type of web hosting plan you choose determines the cost, there are some other factors that play a role in how much you spend on web hosting every month. They are:

  • Number of domains
  • eCommerce features
  • Dedicated IP
  • Email
  • Security features
  • Application compatibility
  • Storage space
  • Website builder

Though the total cost of web hosting can go up depending on the features you choose, they make the cost worth it. If spending a little extra makes your website creation and maintenance easier, the cost will eventually pay off.

Why You Need To Invest In A Long Term Hosting Plan?

A high-performance, reliable web hosting service is crucial for your business website. Whenever you build a new website, the choice of the host is one of the last things that come to your mind. However, neglecting this aspect can have devastating effects on your website and your business.

With such a huge variety of options available, it is easy to choose the cheapest option. These days, you can easily host your website without breaking the bank. There are so many web hosting services that you can avail for monthly low starting prices.

Shared hosting is a great way for new websites to start making a place in the online world. It is easy and cheap and works for any small to medium sized website. Shared hosting providers offer plans starting at almost $2 per month and come loaded with useful features.

However, it is important to know that these prices are discounted and apply when you sign up for long-term. Most hosting providers have attractive annual subscription plans that save you a lot when you enter a long-term plan rather than paying on a monthly basis.

Web hosting should be seen as an investment for your business. The host is the foundation of your website and you certainly don’t want to build a site with a low-quality host. You can look for some of the most reputed hosting providers even if you are making a site for a startup and your budget is low.

It is easy to get a high-quality web hosting service for an affordable price by entering into a long-term deal with them. Most reputed providers offer expensive monthly plans which you are likely to reject because you can’t afford them. However, their annual and 2-5 year subscription plans come loaded with discounts and promotions which make them affordable and cost-effective.

Signing up for a long-term hosting plan can give you the benefits and features of a state-of-the-art hosting service for your website without having to break the bank. Moreover, you can stay free from having to worry about price increases. You may have to pay an increased price in a few months when you choose a monthly plan.

A number of premium hosting services offer long-term benefits to make investing easier for you. Some providers even have a refund policy where you get your money back for the unused time of your subscription if you end the plan in the middle of your long-term deal. This can save you from any risk of losing money if your business demands changing the hosting plan after some time.

Most web hosting services even have a free-trial. You can use a period of a few weeks to see how the service works for your website before subscribing for a long-term plan. If you are not satisfied with the service during the trial period, you don’t pay anything and take your money back. A lot of them make all the premium features accessible during the trial period.

So, investing in a long term hosting plan has its own benefits and saves you a lot of money over time. Any business should consider a hosting plan as an investment into the business and choose long-term over monthly subscriptions for a better overall experience, cost saving and performance.

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