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Bluehost is undoubtedly the most powerful web hosting platform created by Matt Heaton and Danny Ashworth. It was founded in 2003 in Provo, Utah and nowadays, their headquarters are established here. Over 2 million websites being hosted by them and more than one thousand new websites have been added to each and every single day. They are globally recognised for their excellent customer support and one-click installation service which is included in all their plans. Now let’s focus on some highlights of this amazing hosting provider.

  1. luehost plans appear cheap but to get started you can go for as little as $2.95 per month.
  2. You’ll get unmetered bandwidth with all your accounts.
  3. If you start with Bluehost you’ll get $200 marketing bonus offer.
  4. It will be absolutely easy to control and configure your sites with enhanced cPanel.
  5. Check out the detailed pricing structure here in our next segment of Bluehost review.

Bluehost Review: Pricing and Plans

If you can concentrate on the Bluehost’s pricing structure and packages, you’ll see that this excellent hosting platform is quite cheaper than its competitors. When we were preparing this Bluehost review we noticed an impressive thing about Bluehost which is a lot of major services is included in their wide variety of packages and the functionality of those are extraordinary. And the most amazing thing is if you recommend Bluehost to other customers you’ll get $65 for each verified referral. Now, let’s focus on their shared hosting pricing structure which is divided into three parts.

1. Basic package

2. Plus package and

3. Prime package.

Basic package

If you take the basic package you have to pay $2.95 per month and you’ll have only one website. Along with that you’ll get

1. 50GB website space

2. 5 parked domains and 25 sub domains

3. 5 e-mail accounts and

4. 100MB per email account.

Plus Package

Now if you go for plus package you just have to pay $5.45 per month and you can utilize unlimited websites with unlimited bandwidth, space, parked domains, e-mail accounts and e-mail storage. Additionally, you’ll have

1. Free marketing offers of $200

2. $24 a year in extras which include no cost.

Prime Package

Last but not the least the Prime package which is the highest range package of Bluehost and for that you just have to pay $5.45 per month. And if you choose this plan you’ll get unlimited websites with unlimited bandwidth, space, parked domains, e-mail accounts and e-mail storage. Apart from that some extra facilities are also included in this package, which are

  1. Free marketing offers of $200
  2. $80 a year in extras which will be absolutely free.
  3. Site Backup Pro and
  4. You’ll also get domain privacy on one domain.

Bluehost also offers 30 days money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their services.  So if you cancel your order within 30 days you will get the full refund. But if you cancel it after 30 days you won’t get a prorated refund for a period of your hosting term which was not used by you. Along with that, you also need to remember that the domain fees are not refundable. So choose a plan according to your preferences which perfectly goes with your business.

BlueHost: Ease of Use

Bluehost is designed in such a way that even a non-technical person can use it quite easily. This is the main area where Bluehost has excelled and the prime reason behind that is ease of use. You can set up your new account with Bluehost in a simple way. And always remember before purchasing a Bluehost plan you have to enter your desired domain name which will be registered with Bluehost. And if you already have a domain and just want to transfer it you can simply enter your information into the appropriate box and then click on the next button. This entire process is done just to give you a hassle-free experience on the time of your account setup. Bluehost will also inform you if a new domain name is available or not. Along with that, you can set up a new domain quickly with this amazing host provider as it will be up and running within an hour. You can start building web pages by using your accounts within minutes and when the name has been decided it will be absolutely ready to go live.

So now you can easily understand that Bluehost’s tools are fairly easy to use through which even a non-technical person can build an attractive website very easily. And if you want to build your site in HTML platform and then want to upload the files, Bluehost will be the perfect solution for you as the infrastructure support FTP transfers so that you can upload your web pages to their server. And to display your site you can simply point your domain to those files.

Speed and Uptime

Bluehost has an uptime of 99.99% which makes it an excellent service provider. To provide the best review we have checked the speed too. As it has already been informed that Bluehost gives you the facility of unlimited bandwidth through which you can understand the speed of this platform. According to us the average speed of downloading is 4.9 Mbps which means 614 KB per second. And the current downloading speed index was 10.3 Mbps which is 1.3 MB per second. Now after doing the uploading test we found that the average uploading speed was 2.3 Mbps which means 283 KB per second and the current speed index was 2.8 Mbps. However, as a website owner, the most important thing for you will be surely the site speed because customers’ satisfaction will totally depend on it. You will be surely impressed by its speed as a simple site load fairly quickly, within maximum 2 seconds which is acceptable. But still, if you are not satisfied with the speed then you can take the help of a CDN which is also known as Content Delivery Network. If you are an eCommerce site and your productivity depends on conversions then you can definitely go for CDN which includes some extra cost.

Apps and Tools

Various attractive and user-friendly tools and features are offered by Bluehost for their valuable customers. As they offer unlimited disk storage and unlimited domain hosting, you will have to pay an extra amount if you want to register your name for additional domains. Along with that, your account will get unlimited web scripts for Tikiwiki, Moodle, polling and survey software, Moodle, Joomla, Drupal and image galleries. With Bluehost email services you can also use either IMAP or POP3 through which you can push your messages to a particular mobile device or to an outside mailing service. Shared hosting packages of Bluehost incorporate email services such as with the basic plan you’ll get 5 email accounts with 500 MB storage space. And on the other hand, the Plus and Pro plan enable you unlimited email accounts with unlimited storage space. Along with that, with Bluehost, you can forward your messages to the different desired services. And for account access, you will also get three different webmail solutions.

Bluehost Security

Security is the most important issue nowadays as counterfeits are also sophisticated now. So you always have to be careful to secure your site and business. Bluehost is an exceptional platform which offers absolutely secure server on their shared plans. Existing users says that the server of Bluehost sometimes down for near about 15 minutes. This is because they routinely update their security protocol. Security updates can be to Apache, the server operating system, cPanel, applications running or kernel. Apart from that, this company offers several other ways to ensure your site will be completely safe with them. You can go for SiteLock site scanning which they offer at a reduced rate of $14.99 a year. This is offered when they don’t execute the site scanning themselves. The cheapest rate will be $9.99 per month if you sign up with this.

SSL Certificate:

One of the biggest search engines Google is very much concern about the security and for that reason, they made SSL certificate as one of the major search engine ranking factor. If you sign up with Bluehost you’ll get this SSL certificate absolutely for free of cost. This is extremely important for bloggers. If you just sign up with Bluehost, they are going to install and configure SSL certificate automatically for you. And the good thing is you don’t have to be a technology-savvy person to use the HTTPS version of SSL. It is absolutely straight forward and extremely easy to use that we can surely call it a newbie friendly process.

Bluehost Customer Support

Customer Support of Bluehost is doing a great job. Their service department has provided different ways so that the users can contact them easily. You can directly call them or send an email about your query. You can open support tickets or utilise their chat feature. Apart from that their extensive knowledge base and the user forums where you can converse with others are really helpful. If you use the chat feature which is available for 24/7, you can see that the wait time will be maximum 1 minute. Their support personnel have to answer multiple chats at a time. But still, they are knowledgeable and friendly and always try to answer your question instantly. They are going to tell you upfront that they have to answer multiple chats. So you might have to face a delay maximum about 10 minutes. But with Bluehost, you can be completely assured that if you face any problem or if you have any query, a professional hand will always be there to help you.

Cons of Bluehost

  1. As it has already been informed, that Bluehost is available with so many useful add-ons. But to get the full functionality you need to install them at first.
  2. Bluehost sometimes come up with various different features for their customers. And if you a tight budget you might feel it annoying.

Bluehost is an excellent hosting company which offers so many useful features at a negligible cost. They have been serving this industry for over 14 years and lots of customers are associated with them and they are very much satisfied with their predominant services. So these small drawbacks are negligible while comparing it to the biggest values.


After comparing the other hosting site with Bluehost we have come up to the conclusion that Bluehost is super easy to use and their existing customers are extremely satisfied with their services. And the most amazing thing is they are going to fulfil your need no matter what budget you have. In Short, they are affordable and convenient. From the basic plan to their Prime package each plan is available at a negligible cost while comparing to the other hosting companies. Their variety is unsurpassed though the additional plan options are not useful. You will get support with all their hosting plans. Along with that, a good tutorial is given on how to migrate your blog, on their hosting service. Bluehost coupons are also very important as it will help you to save your money on any service. Though the discount associated with each plan is different and works in a different way for different plans. Some plans give you the discount only for the first month and others will give you the discount as long as the service lasts. Also, you have to pay for the chosen service upfront. But you don’t have to worry about it at all because you’ll get a money-back guarantee. You can cancel that particular service at any time without even providing a cause and your paid money will be refunded. Bluehost is not always easy to use as sometimes you have to do a lot on your own but according to us, it will be definitely a worthy try. This company is literally on the top because of their tremendous support and excellent services. So if you are looking for a perfect web-hosting company with a rock-solid reputation then you should try Bluehost now.

If there were prizes for websites that were most obviously created by content management systems, then this website would take the top prize. The home page website inspires little confidence in the service, which makes their claims of getting 20,000 new customers per month a little suspect. On the other hand, they are one of the few websites to offer live chat on the home page, so you are able to extensively quiz their staff to get the low down on their service.

They have a cheap looking website and a very bad customer service. It is a customer service system that is based on cut-and-paste responses. If you have a problem and it smells a little like a problem another person has had, then expect a cut-and-paste response. Some people are not aware that they are getting cut-and-paste responses, but veterans on our team can spot them a mile off. This is possibly why some people have reviewed their customer service as caring and quick to respond.

Despite the typical website host poor customer service, this hosting service is actually very good. It is very cheap and yet still manages to produce a very high-quality service. They are pretty poor in the customer service department, and when they have a problem they take their sweet time fixing it (problems such as weeks worth of slower server performance), but apart from the occasional problem, it is hard to fault them. Many people may not complain if they did raise their prices a little.

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