Dreamhost Review

This may not be the ideal service for newbies. The homepage is clearly set up for people who know about hosting services and what they want. However, the website does have three “learn more” sections that tell the user about web hosting, VPS and dedicated hosting, so they are clearly aware that they are going to scare off a few newbies. Otherwise, if you try the website you are going to find what they want fairly quickly.

Their worst feature is their customer support, but considering how bad some other web host customer services are, then they are not terrible. They are the worst if there is a problem, as they often have no idea how to fix it at your end, and some people are going to have to start from scratch again if they have trouble. But, the overall quality of their customer service, in general, is not terrible, it is just not good.

Their features and overall service are quite good, as is their uptime and value for money. Although, it should be pointed out that this is not an economy service. The service is not price, but it is certainly not cheap. They offer a good service, but you feel the price of that quality in your hosting budget. On a queer note, it does not appear to let you have two accounts. Maybe this is so that you cannot abuse introductory offers and things of that ilk.

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