Fatcow Review

If simplicity of design is a big factor, then this company may win with its home page. But, sadly the home page just looks cheap that masquerades as purposefully simple. Nevertheless, we cannot always judge a book by its cover. It has a video to show you what to do when creating a new website, so that is a big factor in their favor. Otherwise, they have a home page interface that looks like it has been built for people who know what they are doing (i.e. not for the newbie).

It is tempting to say that their prices are a good thing, as they are not very high, but the customer service you get in return is simply too poor. They have no idea about customer satisfaction to the point of simply not caring. Their customer service staff are very keen on saying, “Go to another provider then” if you even hint at a criticism or complaint. How they have managed to anger so many people is amazing, as one assumes they must have too many customers to care.

If you are looking for a positive side to this service, then the low cost of the service is probably it. It has a few good features too, but they are nothing that you won’t find with many other services of this ilk. Their poor customer service may be why so many people vent their anger on forums and review sites, simply because they cannot get through to someone on the website.

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