Godaddy Review

The home page interface is quite well designed in that the site comes across as more of a tool than a page trying to sell hosting services. They have a “Find a domain” tool at the top, and a flipping screen that shows you their low prices. It also lists other services in easy to use panels. It makes the UI a lot easier to use and helps to direct the user to the right page for whatever they want the website for, be it buying hosting services or improving search rankings.

It is a well-known service that has done well to get its message out to a wider audience. If you were to look online to try and find a feature that is universally agreed to be negative, then it would probably be the interface which is not very well organized and is probably going to unnecessarily perplex newbies. Otherwise, its features, uptime, and overall service is pretty good. Its support is a little hit and miss, but so are many of its functions upon occasion.

It is never going to be perfect all the way. On occasion, your email may go down, or a feature may have a bug, but they do not seem to have a big overriding reason to be angry at them. Any problems with the service do seem to be fixed once enough people start complaining, which is the most we can ask for in this day and age. The uptime is very good, which is probably due to their good server maintenance. If there is a problem then it is often fixed (eventually), but you will find that their customer service is less than apologetic. You will often get the reply “we are working on it,” which always turns out to be true.

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