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Are you looking for the best hosting platform? This HostGator reviews is going to inform you every pros and con of HostGator plans and support. Take a look

Houston, Texas-based company HostGator is fully committed to delivering excellent features and predominant performance. That is why they have established themselves as a brand in this shared hosting industry and now giving tremendous competition to some leading hosting companies like Bluehost, iPage and Siteground. This outstanding brand HostGator steals the spotlight by their quirky TV commercials and alligator mascot. In this HostGator hosting review, you are going to discover both the pros and cons of HostGator and why their advanced hosting features are much better than those small, low-mid level traffic sites. At first, let’s focus on the highlights of this amazing hosting platform

  • Website management control
  • Cheap pricing options
  • Excellent web hosting services.

HostGator Reviews: Key features and Pricing options..

HostGator website builder is somewhat different from others. Follow this HostGator reviews to know more about the pricing structures.

If you are looking for the best company which provides the best deal on the shared hosting package then you have to find the right company on the right day which is the biggest challenge you might have to face. To provide the best HostGator reviews we have done a market research at first and prepared an outline of various costs of different platforms. That day the HostGator Baby plan which is most popular among HostGator packages costs $6.95 only and on the other day when we were about to write about the services according to the cost, we found that the price had increased by one Dollar. So now you can easily understand that companies like HostGator’s hosting prices change frequently. So in order to get the most out of it, you have to keep your eye open or you can simply follow us to get the best result. When we were preparing this HostGator hosting review we found an imperative feature through which you can easily distinguish HostGator from their competitors. HostGator don’t offer the facility to switch frequently into other currency which means non-US customers have to take an extra step to know the true cost of your hosting. Along with that, if you can focus on HostGator Baby plan you can see that this is one of the most expensive plans which offer unlimited shared hosting services. These two are the biggest problems which you might have to face if you go with HostGator plans. Now, you must be wondering why people still count it as the best hosting provider. The answer is its superior performance, its exceptional features and of course its reliability. You might find so many cheaper options out there. But after the market research, we come up to the conclusion that the added cost will definitely be a worth investment. Why? Have a look

  • You can take instant backups
  • You’ll have unlimited FTP accounts
  • You’ll also have unlimited MySQL databases
  • Unlimited email options
  • Shared SSL

Most of the companies provide support for multiple domains and websites. But if you are planning to launch only a single website, you can choose the lower-cost Hatchling Plan, which will render unlimited storage and bandwidth including a single domain name. It will undeniably save your money as it just cost $5.56 which may differ accordingly.

HostGator: Domain registration

Worried about domain registration? Trail our HostGator hosting review to get detail information about the pricing structure of HostGator website builder.

Domain name is extremely important to attract maximum visitors as you know without visitors an excellent website with lots of advanced features will not work. The ultimate reason behind that is, later on, those visitors will be converted into buyers. HostGator website builder is a paramount shared hosting provider through which you can easily register some top domain names such as .com, .net, .org etc. To do so you have to concentrate on HostGator plans which include $12.95 for the first year of registration. Thereafter you just have to pay $15 to renew it every year. And the most amazing part is if your domain name is already registered with some other company, you can transfer it to HostGator for absolutely free of cost. Along with that, you’ll have no restrictions on using the sub, parked or addon domains. You can go for as many as you want.

HostGator Website Management

HostGator website builder is truly a comprehensible platform. This HostGator review is prepared by skilled professionals. Check this out to know more about it.

If you are a beginner and looking for a user-friendly platform then, HostGator will be a right platform for you. Here you can do some tasks quite easily and on that time you’ll definitely find this HostGator website builder much easier than others. But if you can contemplate on the account management, you’ll see that HostGator is totally different from other platforms. Generally, with others, you just have to create only one account through which you can do everything such as with just a single login you can pay your hosting renewal fees or can set up a new WordPress website or a sub-domain. But in this HostGator website builder review, we would like to include that with HostGator, you have to manage two different accounts. The first one will be a billing login for general account administration and the second one will be for accessing the control panel or managing your website. Now you must be thinking that it is more time consuming but at the end of the day this approach is going to provide you better security as you know counterfeits and hackers are more sophisticated now. So you always have to be one step ahead of them.

Apart from that, when it comes to website management the overall simplicity and user-friendliness are utterly impressive. You can enjoy those cPanel powered services like iPage and FatCow as HostGator website builder opts for cPanel rather than cPanel for website setup and maintenance. Here you can see the importance of this outstanding platform because the priority is given to those icons which will be used frequently such as email management or application installations. You’ll find these icons at the top of your control panel through which you can do a task faster than anything else. In short, this predominant platform is absolutely perfect for a beginner as well as for a technology-savvy person. So many advanced features and sophisticated options are incorporated so that a technically sound person can take the advantage and if you are a beginner you also can navigate around the dashboard without any problem. So many common tools are there through which you can easily get your website ready.

Build an excellent website with HostGator website builder

Looking for more productivity? Build an attractive online presence with HostGator website builder. To know more check this segment of this HostGator reviews.

HostGator is mostly recognised for their web hosting services. But people sometimes look for HostGator cloud hosting review to collect information about building a website. HostGator is available with multiple options for building a website. And the most attractive part is if you are not even a technology-savvy person, then also you can create a website easily and if you are a computer genius then you can take the help of some advanced features. In short, HostGator offers several different tools. You just have to select the one which matches your skill to create an attractive website. Advanced users who want to upload sites from their hard drive will get full support for

  • Python
  • PHP 5
  • Fast CGI
  • Perl
  • Cron
  • Ruby on Rails

Along with that, you can do one-click application installation from your cPanel which makes it simple to launch both niche tools and major CMS platforms. We’ll also like to inform you in this HostGator WordPress hosting review that WordPress, Drupal, Joomla or Magento is fully supported by HostGator as through phpBB, Moodle you can create forums, wikis, blogs, portals or various different types of websites. And to meet your requirements you don’t have to be more technical. Simply by loading up the tools and configuring different options your work will be done. So go for it now.

Speed And Reliability Of HostGator UK

HostGator website builder is known for its outstanding performance. People choose HostGator packages because of its reliability.

Performance and reliability is a key factor which cannot be ignored at all because your website’s performance will be totally dependent on the hosting server. In that case, you can completely rely on HostGator UK. On the time of preparing the HostGator reviews, we were really impressed by their superior uptime and performance. You’ll be assured to know that HostGator promises 99.9% uptime guarantee for their valuable customers. If you an e-commerce website or a high powered online store you always try to make sure that your customers should get brilliant navigation experience from your website. With HostGator website builder you can provide your customers, the desired result as this platform’s load speed is extremely fast and reliable. The overall performance is also outstanding which transformed it into a reliable platform for every entrepreneur who is worried about their websites’ performance. The company’s shared hosting plans also include a number of features like one-click installation through which you can easily track your website’s plan and usage. You can also distribute email marketing campaigns and can optimize your website for better search engine results through which you can reach the prominent pages of major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

About HostGator eCommerce

HostGator website builder provides best eCommerce services. To avail it you need to upgrade your HostGator plans.

When it comes to eCommerce HostGator website builder is absolutely similar to GoDaddy. You have to upgrade to the top level business plan, then only you can take all the facilities of advanced eCommerce tools. Though all of the HostGator plans provide basic supports like one-click Magento installation, PayPal support or CubeCart or osCommerce shopping carts support, but the upgraded plans goes far beyond the industry slandered basics. HostGator is most probably the one and only shared hosting solution which doesn’t include a private SSL for data encryption but goes for a free dedicated IP address. The Baby plan comes with Private SSL at price. While the competitors of HostGator charges near about 100 euro per year for the tools like this, HostGator included only $2 per month on a dedicated IP. So you can see that this is now the most competitively low priced shared hosting solution for eCommerce website development.

Customer Support HostGator

Customer support is a vital aspect. HostGator website builder provides brilliant customer support. You’ll get full information in this HostGator reviews.

HostGator website builder is popularly known for their predominant customer support as they are available for you for 24/7 via phone, email or live chat. Their professional and friendly behavior will definitely impress you. So if you face any problem you can easily contact them via phone which is the quickest option to solve your problem. You can also join a live chat with which you can interact with a professional who is going to give you the best technical support. Apart from that, various knowledgeable articles and tutorials are available through which you can easily learn everything. With HostGator, you will always be completely assured that a technical hand is always there to help you and for that reason, we would like to give a decent score to HostGator support.


At the end of this HostGator cloud hosting review, we would like to say that HostGator takes relatively high hosting fees. But their extraordinary features and superior performance make it a sound investment. Apart from those small scale businesses HostGator website builder is absolutely perfect for those who want to take the benefits of those advanced features through which your website can give enhanced performance. Free SSL use or low-cost dedicated IPs can build a powerful and dynamic online store. You can definitely fetch maximum productivity for your business out of it. We hope you enjoyed this HostGator reviews so to build a dynamic website go for this user-friendly platform now.

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