Hostmonster Review

HostMonster has earned a reputation for providing a wide range of services and features to all of their clients for a single low price. There are no multiple pricing tiers here. You’ll find unlimited hosting, for just $5.95 per month. In addition, HostMonster offers a no-contract agreement, which means that you can cancel at any time without any issues. You’ll also find that the company provides some of the best customer service out there.

Reliability and Uptime

HostMonster offers the industry-standard 99.9% uptime guarantee, which means that you can count on your site being up and accessible when you need it. They also provide some serious power and performance for their servers. All servers have quad-core processors, and they all run on Linux. You’ll also find that they have backup power in case anything should happen with their power grid, keeping your site up for longer. Of course, their 24/7 monitoring service should also offer some peace of mind, knowing that your data is safe from threats.

When speaking of value, HostMonster provides a considerable amount. Their value begins with that single, low monthly payment that gets you a range of top services and features. Those features include unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space and unlimited domain hosting, as well. Additional features include a free domain for a year, unlimited email addresses (both POP3 and IMAP), unlimited subdomains and unlimited FTP accounts. Other features include Joomla and Drupal support, PHP 5, Flash support and Ruby On Rails, as well. The only thing lacking is their reporting and statistics tools.


One surprising absence with HostMonster is the fact that they do not offer email support. There is a ticketing support system, though, which pretty much takes the place of the email service. You will also find phone and chat support, too. If you need help but want to tackle the topic yourself, there are instructional videos on offer, and you’ll also find an in-depth knowledgebase that can be used to locate the information that you need. Finally, HostMonster gets high marks for their dedication to ensuring that no caller waits longer than two minutes for an answer to their call.

Control Panel

Another mark in favor of HostMonster is the fact that they provide their customers with cPanel. This control panel has become the industry favorite over the last few years and, in general, is preferable to a proprietary system. In addition, HostMonster offers a decent tutorial on how to use cPanel for those who have never had any experience with it in the past. The detail level here is relatively high, so learning how to use the system should take next to no time at all.

Overall Rating

While HostMonster doesn’t rank as the best in the industry, they do come quite close to the top. This is largely because of their excellent pricing and unlimited hosting. Of course, their excellent phone support is also a factor here, though it would be nice to see a traditional email support system in place

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