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iPage is one of the excellent hosting companies in the industry, founded in 1998. But despite giving predominant services over 10 years and superb customer review it is the fewer known hosting company. Millions of websites are helped by them and they pride themselves on providing 24/7 dedicated customer support and that is why people associated with them are very much satisfied with their services and now rated them as the best web hosting company aimed at beginners. And if you are a small scale business you must want a company which is cheaper as well as providing useful tools to create an attractive online presence. iPage will be the best solution for you as this is also the cheaper web hosting company which is recognised for their brilliant services. Their package starts from just $1.99 per month with various free tools, support, packages, and options. And if you face any problem their support will always be there to help you.

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iPage Reviews UK: Pricing and Packages..

iPage packages and pricing are comparatively cheaper than others. And according to our competent professionals who have years of experience in the industry the most recommended hosting package will be WordPress tailored hosting. When we start reviewing iPage we received various good reviews from their existing customers. They have generally two packages specifically for WordPress hosting.  The first one is relatively cheap and the second one takes $3 extra. But both of them are full with various attractive features especially the second one. Now let’s concentrate on those two packages.

Shared Web Hosting of iPage

If you go for regular web hosting it will cost you near about $11.95 per month. But when we review iPage we found that they are giving a jaw-dropping price which is $1.99 per month only. Now, you must be wondering with such a low price what can you get. Take a look

  • You will have unlimited disk space.
  • Unlimited domains are also included which is rare with other hosting sites.
  • With just $1.99 you can get and register your desired domain name for absolutely free of cost.
  • E-mail marketing is a good platform for business promotion. So you can access unlimited free email accounts which are superb for your business.
  • Along with that, you will get the unlimited database and unlimited MySQL that too for absolutely free of cost.

Now you can understand how useful this platform is and how it will help you to take your business to the next level.

iPage Usability

You’ll surely be impressed with the control panel and behind the scenes of this outstanding hosting platform iPage. When you navigate through the background of the page you’ll find everything quite easily. As we have already mentioned the customized control panel is extraordinary. Everything is pre-installed and with just one click you can find it or install it. If you want you can take the help of the search button too. And the WordPress users can get an excellent facility with iPage. You don’t have to log in every time to manage each and every little aspect. The customized control panel will do that job for you. And this is the reason when we started reviewing iPage we were very much impressed with the backend if iPage.

iPage Security Options..

iPage is the cheapest hosting company in the industry but their features are not at all trifling. All their plans come with a SiteLock security suite which is capable enough to protect your site from any kind of herm and also works as a security frontline for your site. Apparently, iPage have done a research and found 12% of the subscribers consists malware on their sites at some point in 2014. That is why SiteLock regularly scans the malware issues which prevent unwanted security breaches. Depending on the plan you choose, it also removes the malicious harmful stuff for you. They include a firewall which prevents any kind of potential security leaks. But always remember if you are running a site with outdated plugins you will be an easy target. You must be wondering why? This is because an updated plugin always reveal where holes and breaches exist in the past versions. You can also take daily backups with iPage. So if you are not happy with the latest version you can simply roll back to the prior version and get your desired things online. This is an additional benefit. And if you choose any other hosting company they are going to charge you extra money for this. But with iPage, you can avail it for as low as $1.99 only.

With iPage, you can also get third party application support and integration options. You will be connected with PayPal, Google apps and more. So if you are an eCommerce site you can handle a secure transaction process which is extremely important. iPage also gives some bonus credits only for the new accounts with Google AdWords, Bing or Yahoo.

Performance And Uptime Of iPage

After reviewing iPage we saw that they are providing good performance and uptime too. You might have seen various complaints about iPage and must be wondering why we are giving a decent score to iPage’s performance and uptime. This is because we put up illogical expectations from this company. If you compare the price with other hosting companies you can see how less expensive this one is. So we cannot expect 99.9% guaranteed uptime after paying this much.  Along with that, when our experts were preparing this iPage review they noticed that websites were loading super fast and didn’t face any kind of downtime what so ever. After having millions of customers iPage established itself at the top and they always make sure that their valuable customers shouldn’t face any problem. That is why their servers are always stable, fast and secure. But still, if you have any doubt you can check the customers’ review to more about it because maximum customers are extremely satisfied with their services.

Tools and Options of iPage

iPage is full with so many wonderful tools and features. It is so vast that it will take too much time to list them all here. That is why we are including some core tools and options which will definitely help you in your work. Have a look.

iPage Hosting Utilities

  • First of all, you will get already built-in FTP manager and File manager.
  • Along with that, you can access your FTP securely.
  • You will also get the customizable error page.

Now let’s concentrate on the core features of iPage.

Core features of iPage

Various impressive core features are offered by iPage such as

  • Unlimited disk space
  • Domain name
  • MYSQL database
  • Bandwidth
  • Free 1 year domain and so on.

Technological Features

  • You can access vDeck control panel
  • Excellent network monitoring which never sleeps
  • Outstanding website analytics through which you can easily track your site’s performance.

Design and Building process

  • You can build a maximum 6-page site and you’ll get Weebly access for that.
  • Your professional site can be optimized for mobile too which is extremely important for fetching maximum productivity.
  • You can access a wonderful WordPress installer with just one click.
  • Hundreds of exceptional themes and templates are offered among which you can choose the best one.

These are not all features and tools as we have already informed. Numerous other features are included even with the cheapest hosting package. The WordPress hosting package has excellent functionality which you cannot get with other hosting companies because they take extra charge for each and every single feature they offer. This will be a yearly recurring charge. But with iPage, it’s completely different. You don’t have to pay extra money with it because it’s absolutely free.

iPage Customer Support

iPage is the best Web-hosting platform which is serving their customers the best support since 1998. They take the responsibility to solve all the problems as soon as possible. And the most amazing thing is you can get any information anytime on this issue. Extremely helpful professionals listen to customers’ problem very sincerely and try to solve it with extensive knowledge. A huge amount of employees are working in iPage customer care, so you don’t have to wait for solving any issues. They are available for you 24/7. We also noticed that they take an important role in different sections including website, domain, email and a portal for supporting their customers. You’ll get a quick response in any issue and also provide you email support, phone support and the live chat support. Last but not the least we would like to add that, we are very impressed and satisfied with the service of iPage customer care and the support they are providing to their valuable customers. You get them every time and can get any information about any real issues in this context.


Now, if you are looking for a genuine review on iPage we would like to suggest you just go for it. We would also like give them a decent score which is 10/10. This is an outstanding company which is serving since 1998 with some of the greatest industry leaders of the world. Their predominant customer service will never let you down. Along with that, with iPage, the speed of your site will always be solid and reliable according to our test.  And the most amazing thing is you get numerous attractive features just for $1.99 only. Additionally, if you are not satisfied they give you 30 days money back guarantee which makes it absolutely risk-free. So if you are looking for a reliable hosting company with low budget iPage will be the best solution for you. This is utterly perfect for small scale businesses that are running a small website but want to incorporate lots of attractive features to fetch maximum productivity. So just try it once and you’ll understand why we are so impressed with it.

Trusty Website Hosting Reviews ipage.com – review

They have a very clear and easy to understand website interface. It is set up to show you all of their services and the value that they perceive those services to be worth. In its defense, such transparency is uncommon, as many hosting companies have trouble even defining what service they actually provide. So, to have all of the services laid out, and on the home page no less, is quite a good move that this company has made.

Its seemingly biggest negative is that its servers are a little too slow. How much this affects your overall experience has been drastically overestimated by many reviewers, namely because they overestimate a website owner’s use of their hosting services. Added to which, once the web page is complete and uploaded, it is no longer a massive problem. The servers go down no more often than any others, but the email service goes down a little more than it should.

Value for money is quite good, in that you do not pay very much for your use of their slow servers, which possibly explains why they are charging so little. You do get a seemingly reasonable bang for your buck, which means that the buggy systems that come about from their attempts to update the system are almost permissible. Providing a service on the cheap, and giving a cheap service does seem to go hand in hand, which means that if you want to pay the lowest prices for hosting services, then you should not be expecting a premium service.

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